August 2, 2023


Kathryn Upton Degree MBA
Kathryn Upton graduated with a bachelor’s degree in general studies from Eastern Kentucky University. She works as an Executive Care Coordinator for Wild Health. She completed her bachelor’s degree online and recently returned to EKU Online to complete her Master of Business Administration (MBA). She shared her thoughts about her EKU Online experience.
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Psychology Applied Behavior Analysis
Applied behavior analysis (ABA), in its broadest and most pure sense, is using B. F. Skinner's discoveries and principles of behavior to understand behavior at a very deep level. If you've ever wondered, “why'd he do that?” An applied behavior analyst has your answer to that question, as well as any human behavior question. This...
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Public Health MPH
The online master of public health (MPH) degree from Eastern Kentucky University is a one-of-a-kind program because it will open doors to a variety of career paths in the public health field. The master of public health program curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of individuals working in or planning to work in a...
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David Ralston Fire Degree
David Ralston completed his bachelor’s degree in fire protection & safety engineering technology from Eastern Kentucky University. He works as a Director of Operations for Setty & Associates, a multi-disciplinary design engineering firm. He completed his program 100% online and recently shared his thoughts about his EKU Online experience.
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Instructional Designers AI ChatGPT
Eight months after first appearing in November of 2022, ChatGPT and similar generative AI tools show no sign of slowing down. Quite the opposite, armies of professionals in their respective disciplines are finding ways to use this exciting new technology. Instructional design is no different, and many new methods to utilize AI have emerged over...
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Social Work Diversity
Respect for diversity is central to the quality of interprofessional collaboration. I work at an educational institution where I am completing my interprofessional practicum. We do an excellent job in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Even with our yearly performance evaluations, we are required to have one of our performance goals be in relation...
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EKU Criminal Justice Graduate Matt Agee
Matt Agee recently graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He is currently the owner of a lawncare company and fulfilled a lifelong dream of earning a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. He completed his degree online and recently shared his thoughts about his EKU Online experience.
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Social Work Justice
The social work profession is one of compassion, understanding, empathy, and communication. Social workers across the globe carry these traits, as well as a passion for improving the quality of life for many underserved individuals in countless communities. The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) outlines several core values in the Code of Ethics, but...
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Occupational Therapy OTD Roundtable
I'm Shirley O'Brien and I am the coordinator of our post-professional online doctoral program, and I am so excited to have quite a breadth of really qualified post-professional students here. Talk to us just a little bit about your capstones. How did you get into them? Why did you do the capstone you did?
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MPA Study Tips
Starting your first semester in EKU’s Master of Public Administration program is an exciting time that marks the start of a new chapter in your life. While it is exciting, it may also feel a little intimidating at first. I remember having the same feeling when I started out in the MPA program, and that...
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