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Kathryn Upton graduated with an online bachelor’s degree in general studies from Eastern Kentucky University. She works as an Executive Care Coordinator for Wild Health and recently returned to EKU Online to complete her Master of Business Administration (MBA). She shared her thoughts about her EKU Online experience.

How has earning this degree changed or aided your career?

Being able to finish my undergraduate degree through EKU Online has been priceless for me. I was able to select courses that were most applicable to my field and apply the knowledge in real time while working.

Higher education is so valuable to have in the workplace and showing my employer that I am dedicated and motivated enough to better myself by pursuing a degree has helped me to grow with the company.

What motivated you to get this degree?

I had started and stopped school a couple of times, as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study and how I would use my degree. There was a motivation to finish with EKU because I knew I could take my courses online and fit school into my real life without much disruption.

I wanted to be able to continue to grow professionally, and I knew getting a degree and pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration would be helpful in me taking the next steps.

What was your favorite part or the highlight of your time as an EKU Online student?

Being able to finish! I really enjoyed my time as an undergraduate (so much so that I’m back for more) but crossing the finish line taught me that I am more than capable of doing hard things and succeeding.

Balancing a full-time course load and working full time was challenging at times, but so worth it. I feel that I am stronger student now because of it, and I am definitely a better employee because of it.

I have grown my writing and research skills, as well as communication skills, while studying at EKU. This has been essential in my growing as a professional and will aid me in any future growth as well.

How did the EKU Online faculty aid in your success?

The EKU Online faculty has been incredible, from start to finish. My advisors have always been prompt and knowledgeable and willing to help me in any way they can.

The education staff with EKU Online have also been excellent. I have cherished the feedback I have gotten from them, as it has only helped me to become better. They have been kind and, in my experience, have been willing to go above and beyond to help me succeed as a student.

What did you find surprising about the program?

How possible it is to work full time and take a full course load. It required me to be organized and disciplined, but the online courses are designed with busy professionals in mind. Most assignments share a due date at the end of the week, so you are able to pace yourself and get work done throughout the week as you are able to, while still fitting in time for work and family/friends.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to become an EKU Online student?

I would say to go for it! EKU is invested in your success as a student and beyond. I am incredibly thankful for my time here and am proud to be a graduate of EKU Online.

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