Industrial Organizational


Industrial Organizational Psychology
Industrial-organizational, or IO psychology, is a specialty field of psychology that focuses on the application of psychology to the workplace. It's an area of scientific study and professional practice that aims to understand and measure human behavior in order to make the workplace better for the people who work there.
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Feedforward Interviews in Performance Management
Performance feedback should play a role in motivating and improving employees’ work performance. While most of us enjoy receiving positive feedback, employees are often in fear of negative feedback and supervisors do not feel comfortable providing negative feedback. The discomfort anticipated and experienced by both sides could sever the important communication channel at work. Feedback...
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international student psychology
Manvier Uppal lives in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada and is a student in Eastern Kentucky University’s online master of science in industrial organizational psychology program. After completing his undergraduate degree in psychology, Uppal decided he did not want to pursue the traditional psychology pathway. Industrial organizational (IO) psychology stood out as he began researching alternatives.
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Psychologist speaking with a patient in a well-lit office
I have always told classes that to truly understand some concept, do not look at its definition but rather at how it is measured.  For example, knowing an intelligence test includes questions on math problems or word problems tells you more about how the test defines intelligence than the definition itself.  Something similar might be...
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