Communication Studies


Smiling radio host working in sound room
An effective communicator is able to resolve conflict, sell products and services to the public, maintain strong relationships with clients, customers, and investors, and make sure everyone is operating on the same page. Employers increasingly list communication skills as the heart of advancement, promotion, and leadership opportunities.
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Young professional gives a presentation to employees
Employers recognize that competent communication skills are the heart of advancement, promotion, and leadership opportunities. According to a 2017 article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, employers and administrators report that competent communication skills are one of the top three skills graduates need to succeed. The Association of American Colleges and Universities reported in 2015...
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Mother, father, and daughter have a conversation in their kitchen as they eat
We are all members of a family. Some of us interact with our family on a daily basis, some of us are not in contact with our families at all, and some of us have non-blood ties with our families.  Every family is different and the perfect family does not exist.  Communication within our families...
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Professional woman talking to peers in business meeting
As Associate Director of Diverse Student Retention at Eastern Kentucky University, Ashley Offutt knows the critical importance of communication and navigating workplace dynamics. A graduate of the communication studies program at EKU, Ashley also serves as coordinator of the freshmen academy, and is an adjunct professor for African and African American studies. According to Ashley,...
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Coworkers of a variety of ages discuss at a table
In the next two years, millennials are expected to take the reins from Baby Boomers as the largest living adult population in the U.S. With past generations, this milestone was marked by one generation leaving the workforce and another filling the void. However, the current economic climate and the still-lingering effects of the national recession...
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Man advocates for social justice at meeting
2020 was a challenging year with a global pandemic, economic hardships, and heated political battles.  At the same time, 2020 saw renewed calls for social justice, and citizens rising up in support of equity and equality.  With 2021 promising more of the same, now, more than ever, the world needs educated, motivated individuals willing to stand up...
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Business professionals networking at an event
Every day, people in the professional world complain that they can't get ahead in their careers because "it's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know." In a way, they’re right. As many people begin their professional careers, they are often advised that if they work hard and keep their heads down, they will be...
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Two people stand next to one another while looking at their phones
You can talk to your favorite celebrity, make friends from across the world, spark social and political movements, and share your every thought due to the advent of social media. We have more avenues to communicate, a larger stage, and seemingly more to say than ever. In a society where our primary communication seems to...
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EKU Alum Lacy Griffith
After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in communication, Lacy applied to the University of Kentucky Law School, one of the most selective law schools in the country according to the Princeton Review. “I still have my letter of acceptance hanging on my wall,” she said proudly. “I attribute my success to the EKU Communication Studies...
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Coworkers share ideas around a conference table
If you enjoy influencing, advocating, or informing others, a communication studies degree may be right for you. Communication studies majors learn how to assess the needs and preferences of their audience and formulate a plan for conveying a message. Students who major in communication studies learn how to plan, organize, and execute projects, programs, and...
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