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social work mental health
We are living in a time when mental health problems are not only at an all-time high but also recognized more than ever. There has been a stigma around mental health issues, often causing them to be viewed from a negative perspective. Therefore, discovering you have mental health issues can often cause fear or a...
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social work domestic violence
Domestic violence is the "intentional and consistent use of power to control an intimate partner. It includes any behaviors that intimidate, manipulate, humiliate, isolate, frighten, terrorize, coerce, threaten, blame, hurt, injure, or wound their partner—or someone their partner loves".1 A person can be experiencing DV if they find themselves being controlled by the words and...
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social work bsw healing
Have you ever wondered why it’s easier to make friends in a college dorm than in a classroom? How about why you can study in a library, but not in your living room? Architecture and the physical environment can dramatically impact the type of human behaviors therein. This blog explores the behavior impacts of the...
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social work international overdose awareness day
Kentucky alone has been extensively battling the drug epidemic and overdose complexities. Overdosing is when a person consumes higher doses of a chemical substance than their body can feasibly tolerate. In 2021, it was reported that 2,250 Kentuckians died from a drug overdose; this is a 14.5% increase from the prior year. Unfortunately, 2020 saw...
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social work vicarious trauma
Vicarious trauma is the accruing effect of being exposed to someone else’s trauma. It frequently occurs in people who engage with trauma survivors or witness traumatic events, especially on a repetitive basis.
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social work older adults
Living past 75-years-old is what is known as being in the biological elite due to living past the current average life expectancy. As you may expect, 100-year-olds do suffer from illness and functional limitations greater than younger cohorts of older adults (Youdin, 2014). However, when a 100-year-old has a high degree of acceptance of the...
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social work bsw degree
Social workers do more than just remove children from unsafe living environments. Social workers help clients locate resources, receive therapy, receive benefits, help parents get back on their feet, help people get sober, or even just talk with them when they need advice. Social workers do many things to help others but rarely receive credit...
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social worker with client
The role social workers play in addressing intimate partner violence (IPV), also known as domestic violence, often goes unnoticed. In recent years, intimate partner violence has been labelled a ‘significant public health issue’ by the Centers for Disease control and Prevention.
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social work child abuse prevention
According to the Children’s Bureau, in 2020, roughly 2 million children received prevention services, and approximately 1.2 million children received post-response services (CMD, n.d.). Unfortunately, this data only includes state and local Child Protective Service Agencies. We can assume that these numbers could be much higher if we also had data from community-based agencies.
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When I think about the homeless, I imagine cardboard signs in sprawling urban cities. I never thought about homelessness being a problem in my hometown. A place where we take care of our own. Where we say, “Come on in and stay awhile” and “You’re always welcome here.” But along with the opioid epidemic, homelessness...
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