Health Services Administration


health services administration
In February 2020, the Lexington VA Health Care System (LVAHCS) assembled our Incident Command for the first time in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Two years later, we are still meeting to ensure things are running smoothly. I cannot articulate clearly enough the strain that has on a system or organization, especially a health care...
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Telehealth nurse video
inability to receive proper reimbursement and a profession that has been slow to adopt alternative ways to deliver clinical care. As a result, telehealth has existed on the fringe of standard healthcare practice, used sparingly and only in specific situations
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Preparing for the RHIA Exam The time has finally come. You have finished (or nearly finished) all your required undergraduate work to qualify for the RHIA exam.
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The Healthcare Industry is constantly changing and evolving. An aging population, expanded access to health care, and a renewed focus on preventative services make healthcare one of the fastest growing industries and the largest provider of jobs in the United States. This growth translates into not only a growing number of jobs for providers, but...
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