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Sustainability Hospitality Tourism
Sustainability has become a major focus in the hospitality and tourism industry in recent years, as consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly and responsibly produced products and services. Companies in the industry are responding by adopting sustainable practices in all areas of their operations, including economic, social, cultural, and environmental.
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Travel and Hospitality
Although the travel industry took a hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, industry experts agree that travel and tourism will return and may exceed pre-pandemic levels. Travel behavior is expected to come back to normal but with some changes.
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Hospitality and Tourism
The hospitality and tourism industry has been greatly affected by the pandemic. Since the ease of travel regulations, the number of travelers has increased significantly as they make up for lost travel time during the pandemic. This travel resurgence has allowed the hospitality and tourism industry to advance in their operations and has led to...
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hospitality and tourism safety
When tourists travel to a destination that they are not familiar with, there is always a sense of uncertainty that comes into play. In order to resolve this uncertainty, travelers gather information about the destination. One of the aspects they tend to focus on the most is safety. There are many factors to consider when...
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global tourism leakage
When you spend money at a tourist destination for your vacation, where does all that money go? Ideally, the tourism dollars you’ve spent at a destination should go into supporting the local economy no matter how or where you spent the money. Tourism is said to be good for the economy, so it must be...
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tourism industry cruise ships
The cruise industry has been hit especially hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The confined surroundings, and the gathering of large groups of international passengers and crew with various levels of immunity, have contributed to cruise ships becoming the perfect petri dish for the virus. These factors led the cruise industry to a major shut-down. However,...
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Hospitality Degree
The pandemic has taken a toll on all of us and the travel industry is no exception. Because of the pandemic, in 2020 the travel and tourism industry lost 62 million jobs. Now, with increased vaccinations and the easing of travel restrictions and mask requirements, many more people are planning to travel because they haven’t...
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bourbon bee spirits hospitality tourism
Beverage alcohol has been central to human culture and economy for thousands of years. Archeological evidence of stills dates back to the fourth century BCE in Mesopotamia.  Brewing emerged in Babylonia, in the Fertile Crescent between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, about the same time. Brewing and distillation were ways of preserving excess grain, turning...
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Global Hospitality Tourism
Introducing GTO 325 Culture & Consumption of Wine! This class will explore how wine and culture intersect as well as the role of wine in tourism. You will finally be able to understand what that wine label really means, as well as appreciate how the grapes are grown that impact the flavor. Not only that,...
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global hospitality and tourism
The fundamental meaning of hospitality means to make someone feel welcome through entertainment and comfort. The hospitality and tourism industry provides tangible products such as hotel rooms and restaurant foods as well as intangible products such as service and hospitality.
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