Tips for a Successful First Semester in EKU’s MPA Program: A Student’s Perspective

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Starting your first semester in EKU’s Master of Public Administration program is an exciting time that marks the start of a new chapter in your life. While it is exciting, it may also feel a little intimidating at first. I remember having the same feeling when I started out in the MPA program, and that is why I want to provide you with some tips that will help you to have a great first semester as an MPA student.

Keep Your MPA Syllabus Handy

Whether you print it out or download a digital copy to your computer, it is important to always keep a copy of your course syllabus in a place where you can quickly and easily access it. The syllabus provides crucial information like course policies, due dates, required textbooks, and more that you will need to reference on a regular basis.

Make a List at the Start of Each Week

Making a weekly list that lays out all of the assignments and due dates for the week has helped me tremendously to stay organized and not fall behind. This trick is especially useful if you keep the list in a place that is highly visible. Doing this not only helps you structure your week, but it also serves as a helpful reminder about any work that needs to be done.

Manage Your Time

Instead of rushing at the last minute to get an assignment finished, take just a little time at the beginning of each week to decide when and how you are going to complete your assignments for the week. Doing this is immensely helpful in reducing stress since you have already set the appropriate amount of time aside for completing your coursework.

Ask for Help

If something is not clear, do not be afraid to reach out! Your professors want you to succeed and will do anything they can to provide you with the assistance you need to be successful in their course. Any time you have a question or need help, email your professor, and they will work with you toward a resolution.

Take Notes and Highlight

One of the best ways to help with learning new material is to take notes and highlight any key sentences you find in your course readings. This makes it easier to go back and reference any important information you may need to complete an assignment, project, or study for a test. While doing this may seem like a lot of work, going back and digging through material you already covered is significantly more work than taking some time to write down notes and highlight passages.

By: Aidan Montgomery, EKU Graduate Assistant

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