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One of the first courses sport management students enroll in at EKU is “Sports in American Society”. In this course we take an in-depth look at how sport, and the discussion around sport, has evolved over the years. One of the first assignments in the class is answering the question, “What is sport?” Students have...
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sport management soccer
EKU’s 100% online sport management degree program was ranked no. 5 among the top 25 best affordable online parks, recreation, and leisure studies programs by Affordable Schools.
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sports administration female soccer player
This rise in women’s sport is not limited to soccer. The popularity and television ratings of the Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament and the NCAA Women’s Softball College World Series prove the women’s sports is in an unprecedented period of growth.
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sport management basketball game
As a part of the sport management online program, I was able to complete an internship in order to gain real-world experience in the field before graduation. I did my internship at Henry Clay High School in Lexington, Kentucky working with their school basketball team. It was eye-opening to see how a public school ran...
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Football fans wear masks as they sit apart in the stands
When any shared major event occurs, we can often recall exactly where we were. These events and memories can be negative or positive. Think about where you were when your favorite team won a big game.
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Athletic administrators discuss business plans in empty stadium
Careers in sport are numerous, varied and dynamic. Full of possibilities and areas of interest, careers in sport can range from sport entertainment to sport product to sport support organizations. EKU’s sport management degree prepares students to pursue careers in sport, one of the most popular being a career as an athletic administrator. WHAT DOES...
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Superbowl ad playing in a sports bar
The truest sign you're getting older is when you start to notice your “back in my day” moments becoming more frequent. My latest moment came recently when I had to explain to a student that super bowl ads weren't always a focal point of the big game or the holy grail of advertisement. The evolution...
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Basketball falls through hoop at college basketball game
Each March, the nation tunes in with their brackets in hand to witness the rise and fall of collegiate basketball teams. Each Saturday in the fall, we huddle around in our school colors waiting with baited breath to watch college football teams take the field. College athletics is a part of daily life for people,...
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Sport Management Graduates
Destiny McClymont and Katie Palmer, both recent EKU online sport management graduates, found themselves making a switch in their educational journey that they hadn’t predicted was coming…the switch to online. After both students attended classes on EKU’s campus, they found that the traditional classroom setting just wasn’t going to serve them in the way it...
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Sports managers speak in an empty auditorium
EKU’s online bachelor’s degree in sport management lets you turn your passion for sports into a career you love. From the psychology of coaching to sport finance to the management of sporting organizations, our program invites you to explore the dynamic opportunities available in the world of sports.
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