Corrections Careers
A corrections and juvenile justice studies bachelor’s degree prepares graduates for many careers. Of course, there are jobs within the field that do not require a bachelor’s degree, but options are limited. Opportunities for promotion and moving into administrative positions will require a degree.
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Corrections Officer Burnout
Corrections officers are an essential component of the criminal justice system, tasked with ensuring the safety and security of inmates in correctional facilities. This profession, while rewarding and challenging, can be extremely demanding, both physically and mentally, leading to high levels of burnout. To prevent burnout and promote wellness, it is crucial to prioritize self-care...
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Amber Napier Corrections
Amber Napier recently graduated from Eastern Kentucky University. She earned a bachelor’s degree in corrections and juvenile justice studies online. She recently shared her thoughts about her EKU Online experience.
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corrections drug legalization
Talk about the legalization of illicit drugs always raises some eyebrows, but what do proposals for legalization actually entail? The term ‘decriminalization’ may be more appropriate when addressing this issue. When decriminalizing certain illicit drugs, all restrictions would not be lifted entirely. Current laws regarding public intoxication and operating vehicles under the influence would not...
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criminal justice corrections punishment
Often marked by a heightened consciousness of crime, today’s communities have been gripped by a profound sense of insecurity. Scholars have frequently argued that ideas of risk and uncertainty have become central organizing principles; so much so that they are now structuring social institutions. Consequently, crime control practices and policies have made predicting, identifying, and...
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anti-abortion laws corrections
We are now in danger of repeating these mistakes with new anti-abortion laws that come with harsh penalties attached to their violation. While existing laws already allow for the prosecution of medical providers that violate abortion restrictions, their enforcement has been extremely rare. Many of the new laws include stronger language about charging medical providers...
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criminal justice corrections
Over the last decade, most states have engaged in some form of bail reform designed to reduce the number of people detained while awaiting trial. This reform, however, is likely to become the latest example of rational correctional reform to be undone amid public outrage generated by a reported spike in violent crime and high-profile...
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corrections gender practices
There is an ongoing debate about the extent to which specialized programs are needed for girls and women within the criminal justice system. Scholars who have studied ways to successfully reduce recidivism assert that the same general principles of correctional intervention apply to both males and females. In contrast, feminist scholars assert that specialized, gender-responsive...
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Pillars of a criminal justice building
"I graduated with my master’s degree in Adult, Juvenile and Community Corrections Leadership May 2012.  This was one of my proudest moments!  It was always a goal and dream of mine to further my education.  However, I worked full time and lived nearly 50 miles from the EKU campus.  The difficulty of attending classes on...
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Inmate Transport Vehicle
For several decades, punitive war on drugs policies have driven rates of mass incarceration. This exponential increase in our prison population has strained the system’s resources and led to overcrowding.  Since 2011, many states have adopted policies to decrease incarceration including reduced sentences for low-level drug crimes and expansion of good time credit.  A lesser...
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