Applied Behavior Analysis


Psychology Applied Behavior Analysis
Applied behavior analysis (ABA), in its broadest and most pure sense, is using B. F. Skinner's discoveries and principles of behavior to understand behavior at a very deep level. If you've ever wondered, “why'd he do that?” An applied behavior analyst has your answer to that question, as well as any human behavior question. This...
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Communication Autism Spectrum
Functional communication training has served as an effective intervention to increase individuals’ communication skills and decrease problem behavior (Durand & Merges, 2001). Functional communication training is a replacement for problem behaviors occurring when individuals cannot effectively communicate their wants and needs (Durand & Merges, 2001). Functional communication training works to teach an alternative behavior that...
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Myra Beth Bundy Psychology
EKU instructor, Myra Beth Bundy believes in taking an active part in her student’s educational journey and providing a quality learning experience. She goes above and beyond to ensure her online students have opportunities to interact and engage with her. Bundy’s enthusiasm for her field and personal attention to her students makes her a particular...
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psychology education
Applied behavior analysis or ABA is a treatment based on behavioral theory that can be used in a variety of settings and with many different ages and groups of people. ABA is often used to increase skills and quality of life of those with autism and other developmental and behavioral differences.
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Person writing out a schedule
The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the way we all live our lives, including the daily lives of those who may have behavior support plans. Behavior support plans are used to help prevent the occurrence of challenging behaviors and provide support for the individual and for caregivers in the environment when the behaviors do occur....
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virtual zoom meeting
Each semester, our clinic hosts a social opportunity and rehearsal group for adolescents on the autism spectrum. This group was previously conducted in-person, but COVID-19 pandemic social distancing requirements resulted in a format change to virtual. Our group underwent several adaptations to accommodate the needs of the participants and to make the group educational and...
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