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political science social movements
Due to their loosely organized nature, social movements can prove difficult to analyze. There is no membership, nor is there an assigned or elected leader of a movement. In fact, a movement may not even be focused on a single issue. These characteristics have led to much distress among scholars interested in studying social movements...
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Constitution political science
The interdisciplinary nature of a political science degree prepares students for an array of options and different career paths. Few degrees have the broad applicability inherent in a political science program, making this comprehensive degree ideal for preparing to take on public sector, private sector, or nonprofit work, as well as for postgraduate education.
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Nato Flags
Given recent events in eastern Europe, the U.S. in particular needs to evaluate its “pivot to Asia” regional strategy. Originating largely in the Obama administration and continuing through the Trump and Biden administrations, the goals of the strategy are strengthening bilateral security alliances; deepening working relationships with emerging powers, expanding trade and investment; forging a...
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political map red
Central to the concept of democratic governance is the idea of pluralism and the balancing of power among opposing parties. Devoid of competition, factions within government are provided with a concerning amount of power, regardless of the political party in question. Some political philosophers may term this as “tyranny of the majority”, but regardless of...
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political map
Every time that census data is released, the task at hand of many individuals across the country is to redesign legislative districts. The process can lead to questions of corruption when districts are drawn to reflect a desired outcome, which is a process known as gerrymandering. This process can be legally done and gotten away...
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political science voting polling booth
Though voting restrictions can and are framed as initiatives of election integrity, the direct result is something much more sinister. Recent election reforms such as voter I.D. laws, restrictions on early voting, and limits to mail-in voting, target specific demographics within the electorate.
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political science republican democrat
Throughout the last two decades, political leaders have had much easier access to the general public of the United States due to technological advances that have taken place. Social media, smart phones, and the 24 hour news cycle have revolutionized communication. These advancements have made it possible for messages to grow more and more apparent...
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United states political map surrounded by coronavirus
In trying times, like those we are facing today in the global fight against COVID-19, there arises a sense of unity across the nation. Historically, we have seen people “rally around the flag” while seeking hope in these times of distress. This sense of collective identity tends to boost an incumbent leader’s image.. Contemporary examples...
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President Trump speaking at a rally
In Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969) the Supreme Court ruled that free speech is no longer protected under the First Amendment when it is intended and likely to provoke imminent and unlawful action, this is referred to as incitement. In Virginia v. Black (2003) the Supreme Court also determined that free speech is not protected under...
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The U.S. White House stands against a broad, blue sky
One important check specified in the U.S. Constitution is presidential impeachment. Presidents, and other members of the executive and judicial branches, can potentially be impeached and removed from office by Congress. This serves as the ultimate check against presidential authority. The Founders wanted to ensure that everyone would follow the rule of law and no...
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