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English Language Learners Education
Research shows that more than 4 % of Kentucky’s public-school population consists of English Language Learners (ELL) and that number increases every year. ELLs are considered a linguistically diverse population because they are exposed to a language other than English on a daily basis. However, their level of proficiency in that language might vary substantially....
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Find Teaching Tools
When I was a new high school English teacher, I struggled to know how to support my students’ learning. It seemed like no matter how well I planned, differentiated instruction, or scaffolded lessons many students were not meeting the learning goals I created. I was frustrated because I did not possess the knowledge or skills...
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Emily Zuccaro Education
EKU instructor, Emily Zuccaro believes in relationship building and taking an active part in her student’s educational experience. She goes above and beyond to ensure her online students have opportunities to interact and engage with her. Zuccaro’s personal attention and dedication to helping students prepare to make their mark in the field makes her a...
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public education democracy
Public education is the cornerstone of our democracy, and with that fact comes enormous responsibilities and obligations. As public educators, we have a responsibility to teach critical thinking skills to produce an informed, educated citizenry. This charge has its roots as far back in history as Socrates and John Dewey.
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education mat marianne trimble
I am a wife, a mother to four beautiful girls, a preschool teacher, and… a student in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program at EKU specializing in Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education (IECE) content. As I approach my final semester in the MAT IECE program, I cannot be more thankful for this experience and...
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education school libraries
With the rise of the digital revolution, the 21st century school has demanded the increased use of technology integration. The application and integration of technology in K-12 classrooms has been supported and stimulated by federal, state, and local governments and educational agencies to enhance K-12 education.
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education time management
Are you feeling overwhelmed with a to-do list as long as your arm? Are you feeling pressured by lack of time and looming deadlines? If you are, you are not alone. Leadership roles, while rewarding, bring a host of challenges and stresses, but there are proven methods the most effective leaders implement to handle these...
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education noisy classrooms
Too much noise in a classroom can have a negative effect not only on students’ ability to understand what is being said, but also on behavior, the ability to concentrate or pay attention, and even performance on reading tasks. The term “classroom acoustics” refers to the level of sound and the way in which sound...
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Paige Caudill EKU Online Student
Sarah Kelly graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies. Sarah is currently a student services program coordinator for the University of Louisville. She completed her bachelor’s degree online and recently shared her thoughts about her EKU Online experience.
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teacher with young students
A large percentage of our student population in Kentucky and across the United States come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Additionally, students enter our classrooms with varying abilities, disabilities, readiness-levels, and learning profiles that need to be considered when designing lessons. Research shows that race, ethnicity, cultural background, and poverty-level, can significantly influence a...
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