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EKU has been recognized among the best in Best’s Review, AM Best’s Monthly Insurance Magazine. The magazine asked carriers, readers and other insurance professionals which RMI programs do the best job of preparing students for careers in the risk management and insurance field. The top programs were recognized for both academic rigor and soft-skills training....
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business management meeting
Human resource managers are responsible for recruiting new talent, interviewing, hiring and onboarding. It is also the responsibility of the HR manager to identify the talents of staff and place employees in positions within the business that reflect their strengths to ensure an effective and harmonious team. If conflict is to arise, it is the...
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Consumer behavior works to determine why we, as consumers, make the purchasing decisions we do. This field blends marketing and psychology to attempt to decipher consumer behavior from the social, personal, and psychological viewpoint. This analysis enables marketers to make more informed decisions as to how to effectively market their product or service to consumers.
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viewing tablet
Future marketers will have a lot of tools for interacting with consumers and getting their brand to stand out in a crowded marketplace. One of these tools, immersive technology, includes the integration of virtual content with consumers’ physical environment to blur the line between the physical and virtual worlds. Marketers need to be aware of...
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business management finance
Interested in an evolving, burgeoning career field that will provide you with limitless advancement opportunities? Look no further than finance. Beyond being at the center of every major organizations’ success, there are many reasons to be in the finance industry. Here are four reasons why you should major in finance:
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In a market more saturated than ever before, consumers are inundated with products each promising to be the next “must have.” The question becomes, how do you stand out? Brands today are addressing this problem through the adoption of technology to create the future of the industry.
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MBA graduate speaks with confidence at a business meeting
In a competitive job market, how do you set yourself apart from the competition? Whether you are starting new, starting over, or looking to advance, a bachelor’s degree in business administration can help you get there. This degree provides students the necessary knowledge required to enter into and oversee different businesses with an overall understanding...
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With COVID-19 bringing an exodus to offices worldwide, business is being conducted from living rooms, kitchen tables, home offices, and bedrooms. Employees and employers alike are beginning to wonder, is this sustainable? Is it here to stay? Will a remote workforce be considered a long-term impact of COVID-19? What does remote work mean for management?...
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The Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) program at EKU hosted its 29th annual golf outing at EKU’s Arlington golf course. The RMI program successfully raised over $25,000 during this golf outing event, and the money will go to support scholarships for many of our more than 100 RMI students. More than 100 registered golfers participated in...
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