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The online master of public health (MPH) degree from Eastern Kentucky University is a one-of-a-kind program because it will open doors to a variety of career paths in the public health field. The master of public health program curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of individuals working in or planning to work in a public health profession. The program prepares culturally competent, skilled public health practitioners that are engaged in community-focused service and public health scholarships for the commonwealth and beyond.

Public Health MPH Degree Program Breakdown

EKU’s online MPH program is a total of 42 semester credit hours. Core requirements make up 21 hours and the required health promotion concentration contributes 15 hours. Additional hours in the program are completed in an applied practice experience and integrative learning experience. Full-time students can expect to complete the degree requirements in 2 to 3 years, depending on summer attendance.

Career Opportunities

The skills learned in the MPH program will ensure that students are prepared for government or local-level opportunities. The degree is focused on producing workers and scholars who are prepared with the high-quality skills required for the competitive public health workforce. The field of public health is a dynamic way to make an impact on the world and develop a fulfilling career.

The Skillsets You Gain

Here are a few essentials skills that you can gain from EKU’s MPH program:

  • Effective communication skills
    Many public health jobs require effective and confident communication skills. Communication is the foundation of public health especially when trying to engage in partnerships, work in interprofessional teams, and lead others.
  • Advanced critical thinking
    Some courses offered in the MPH program at Eastern Kentucky University teach real-life public health skills such as Public Health Communication, Applied Epidemiology, Public Health Evaluation, and Public Health Organization and Administration. These courses will push students to apply critical thinking skills in terms of how to properly plan and evaluate a program, grant writing, and design a health communication plan.
  • High levels of cultural competency
    As a leader in public health, it is important to recognize that many diverse populations require different solutions, and embodying those skills is necessary. Taking the time to learn about the community whether working in a city or rural area will help when addressing the problem.
  • Proficient in epidemiology and data analysis
    Some courses offered in the MPH program at Eastern Kentucky University that focus on data analysis include Principles of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Applied Epidemiology.
  • Ability to work in interprofessional teams
    As a leader in public health, teamwork is essential for collaborative practice and the key to working toward measurable goals that will make a difference in the long run. Nothing in public health would work without teamwork!
  • Advanced in how to create systems thinking tools
    It is not always the best idea to have public health information only in written and oral form. System thinking tools are a great way to visually show and make sense of situations that are complex to understand. In the MPH program, we have a few courses that address how to use systems thinking tools on specific issues that affect population health.
  • Ability to program plan and assess program fidelity
    Some courses offered in the MPH program at Eastern Kentucky University that focus on addressing program plan and fidelity include Public Health Program Planning and Evaluation and Public Health Program Planning. These two courses allow our students to effectively plan a program from start to finish including creating a needs assessment, logic model, measurable program objectives, and outcomes. In Program Evaluation, students can select an existing program or use their designed program from Public Health Program Planning to evaluate its effectiveness and ensure that the program met its measurable objectives.

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