December 15, 2022


Ronnie Travis Cook health services administration
Travis Cook is a student in Eastern Kentucky University’s online bachelor’s degree in health services administration program. He currently works as a physical therapy assistant for Amedisys Home Health and is interested in changing careers. He recently shared his thoughts about his EKU Online experience.
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computer programming course
Are you interested in acquiring a master’s degree in computer science, but hesitate because you don’t have previous coding experiences? Then Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is here for you. Since fall 2022, a new programming course “CSC 801 Object-Oriented Programming” has been offered by the EKU Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. This 8-week...
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hospitality and tourism safety
When tourists travel to a destination that they are not familiar with, there is always a sense of uncertainty that comes into play. In order to resolve this uncertainty, travelers gather information about the destination. One of the aspects they tend to focus on the most is safety. There are many factors to consider when...
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corrections drug legalization
Talk about the legalization of illicit drugs always raises some eyebrows, but what do proposals for legalization actually entail? The term ‘decriminalization’ may be more appropriate when addressing this issue. When decriminalizing certain illicit drugs, all restrictions would not be lifted entirely. Current laws regarding public intoxication and operating vehicles under the influence would not...
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