Colonel Catch Up: Ronnie “Travis” Cook, Bachelor’s Degree in Health Services Administration

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Travis Cook is a student in Eastern Kentucky University’s online bachelor’s degree in health services administration program. He currently works as a physical therapy assistant for Amedisys Home Health and is interested in changing careers. He recently shared his thoughts about his EKU Online experience.

How has earning this degree changed or aided your career?

The room for advancement in the field of physical therapy is limited at best, especially for a physical therapy assistant or PTA. Getting my degree in health services administration will allow me to further my career in healthcare by pivoting into healthcare information and informatics.

What motivated you to get this degree?

Aside from just wanting to further my career, providing for my growing family was my major motivation.

What is your favorite part or the highlight of your time as an EKU student?

The flexibility of working online. Working full time does not leave ample time to go to classes in the traditional sense. Online classes give me the freedom to work early morning, later evenings, and weekends to get my assignments done while still maintaining a full-time job.

How did the EKU Online faculty aid in your success?

By being available via discussion board and email, the faculty have always been eager to help with any question that I had. It was a very convenient and efficient way of communicating with the instructors.  Aside from ease of communicating with the faculty, all my questions were answered in a very timely manner.

What did you find surprising about the program?

The speed at which the courses are conducted. The programs are focused and precise. 

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to become an EKU Online student?

If you are someone who is thinking of furthering your education, and need the flexibility of working online, EKU Online is a great way to continue your education. Everyone has been very helpful, and the courses are challenging, but in good way. 

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