No Coding Experience? No Problem. EKU’s New Programming Course Will Get You Ready!

EKU Online > No Coding Experience? No Problem. EKU’s New Programming Course Will Get You Ready!

Are you interested in acquiring a master’s degree in computer science, but hesitate because you don’t have previous coding experiences? Then Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) is here for you. Since fall 2022, a new programming course “CSC 801 Object-Oriented Programming” has been offered by the EKU Department of Computer Science and Information Technology. This 8-week online course is specially tailored for graduate students who have limited or no programming background.

What will the course cover?

In CSC 801, students will learn the core coding concepts using a high-level programming language (including data types, control structures, arrays, and exception handling) as well as object-oriented techniques (classes, objects, methods, inheritance, and polymorphism). Besides coding skills, students will also be challenged with problem solving and algorithm design skills.

What programming language is used?

The programming language we use is Java.  We choose Java for several reasons, including:

  • Java is a high-level object-oriented programming language which is simple, robust, secure, and portable
  • Java is one of the most popular programming languages and is supported by many platforms
  • Java is a well-structured programming language, which makes it a perfect starting language for beginners

After taking this course, students will be not only equipped with necessary knowledge to take advanced programming courses, but also capable to apply their skills to other programming languages to expedite the learning process.

What is the course format?

CSC 801 is an asynchronous, completely online course, which brings convenience and flexibility of learning to students. Students can exchange ideas and share experiences through discussion boards, and they will be supported by the instructor for the duration of the course.

As an 8-week programming class, CSC 801 is intensive and challenging, yet fulfilling and rewarding.

What do current students think of the course?

See what our students say about this class:

  • “I’ve taken a number of online courses, and this is the best format I’ve ever experienced!”
  • “Very clearly communicated assignments, deadlines, and expectations.”
  • “All the resources I needed to succeed were there.”
  • “I feel that the content was really dialed-in as well.”
  • “I have taken previous online coding classes and never enjoyed one of them until this one.”
  • “(The instructor) is quick in responses to questions and provides relevant and insightful comments and answers.”
  • “(The instructor) is clearly knowledgeable and does demonstrate concern with the quality of our work.”

Ready to take on the challenge? Come and join us to earn your online master’s degree in computer science and give yourself a competitive edge in the job market. Taking CSC 801 will be the first step for your future career!

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