September 30, 2021


Smiling radio host working in sound room
An effective communicator is able to resolve conflict, sell products and services to the public, maintain strong relationships with clients, customers, and investors, and make sure everyone is operating on the same page. Employers increasingly list communication skills as the heart of advancement, promotion, and leadership opportunities.
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nursing family nurse practitioner graduate
My name is Laura Wittmann. I am a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Emergency Nurse Practitioner with 30+ years as an ICU/ER/OR nurse as well as managerial and educator experience. I am currently working in a community health/ER clinic on a remote island in Alaska.
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health services administration professional on phone
The Healthcare Industry is constantly changing and evolving. An aging population, expanded access to health care, and a renewed focus on preventative services make healthcare one of the fastest growing industries and the largest provider of jobs in the United States. This growth translates into not only a growing number of jobs for providers, but...
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political science republican democrat
Throughout the last two decades, political leaders have had much easier access to the general public of the United States due to technological advances that have taken place. Social media, smart phones, and the 24 hour news cycle have revolutionized communication. These advancements have made it possible for messages to grow more and more apparent...
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paralegal office desk setting
COVID-19 has impacted many professions and drastically altered how we go about business in 2020. Due to the pandemic, many organizations are having their employees work from home. Paralegals are no exception. The paralegal profession has seen a rise in the number of virtual and remote positions, requiring the work done by paralegals to become...
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public administration downtown scene
Receiving my master’s of public administration (MPA) degree from EKU completely changed my life. I started work with the City of Richmond, Kentucky shortly after earning my degree. I am confident that the education and training I received from EKU is the reason I was given the position. In fact, I was told as much...
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Gastronomic tourism can include venues like wine tours, distillery tours, culinary tours, and farm tours. These types of tours are growing rapidly around the world. According to a study published in 2013, nearly “39 million United States leisure travelers choose a destination based on the availability of culinary activities”. Those who don’t choose the destination...
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instructional designer working at computer
Instructional designers are responsible for improving learning outcomes across many fields. Think of an industry where people need training or enhanced education to excel at their jobs or benefit their organizations. You will find instructional designer (ID) roles behind many of those programs.
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