5 Key Career Skills for Success in Health Services Administration

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The Healthcare Industry is constantly changing and evolving. An aging population, expanded access to health care, and a renewed focus on preventative services make healthcare one of the fastest growing industries and the largest provider of jobs in the United States. This growth translates into not only a growing number of jobs for providers, but for health service administrators as well. To capitalize on this growth and job potential check we have included our five keys to success in health services administration.

Project Management

Project management involves planning, organizing, and overseeing the work of a team.  Instead of focusing on everyday tasks, project managers focus on a defined endpoint and help their team reach a specific goal. The Health Services Administration (HSA) program at EKU will help you develop the skills necessary to manage a project life cycle. You will learn about project planning, organizing teams, time management, creating reports, assessing results, and more.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is the process of searching for trends in datasets, drawing conclusions, and identifying areas for potential improvement.  In today’s data-driven healthcare system, data analytics is essential. It is used to help improve patient care, make informed decisions, simplify business operations, and lower healthcare costs. At EKU, you will learn data analytic skills that will help you become a valuable asset to a future employer.

Leadership and Communication

Effective leadership is critical in creating a diverse and supportive workplace culture.  It is also essential in motivating people and guiding an organization towards its goals.  While charisma and personality may be factors in becoming a strong leader, effective communication is also crucial.  Your coursework in the Health Services Administration program at EKU will assist you in building both your communication and leadership skills.


The ability to collaborate with others is an important skill to develop.  You will likely interact and work with people from different departments who have different professional backgrounds and opinions in the workplace.  Being able to work successfully in these situations is essential.  In the HSA courses, you will have opportunities to work in teams and take classes with students from various academic majors.


You may have heard the old saying: It’s not what you know but who you know that counts.  No doubt, being well-connected can be very advantageous. Through networking opportunities, you can expand your knowledge and identify new opportunities for career advancement. For example, the Health Services Administration program helps its students develop their professional networks through internships, alumni guest speakers, and exposure to student, state, and national professional organizations.

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