About the IDC

The Instructional Design Center (IDC) within EKU is an award winning department within EKU Online committed to enhancing the quality of online education. The IDC provides a range of services including complete course design, consultation services on various aspects of online course design and deliver. Faculty professional development and training on topics such as LMS usability, student engagement, academic integrity, and more.

History of the IDC

For over fifteen years, The IDC has been dedicated to enhancing faculty knowledge and skills in teaching and learning. Utilizing evidence-based practices, the IDC has consistently adapted and expanded its services in response to the growing and changing demand for online and hybrid learning modalities. This commitment is reflected in our holistic and personalized approach to faculty support. Our aim is to ensure that educators are well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of students in all learning environments. 

Current University-wide Projects

8K by 2028EKU is embarking on an ambitious and transformative initiative in which we will have 8,000 students in online programs by 2028. This initiative reflects our commitment to expanding access to quality education on the students’ terms to meet the diverse needs of learners across the globe to make higher education more inclusive, flexible, and accessible.

LMS SelectionEKU is in the process of conducting a comprehensive evaluation of learning management systems (LMS), through the development of a faculty-driven, student-centered initiative to support EKU’s growing needs of its LMS. The LMS Review Committee, comprised of faculty, campus leadership, IT, and the IDC has involved product demonstrations, sandbox test environments for the entire campus community for hands-on testing, and community surveys.  

Upcoming Training and Events

In 2024, the IDC has plans to deliver a variety of training opportunities for both the university and for specific departments and community stakeholders. We are excited to explore a variety of topics, including:

  • Quality Matters APPQMR Workshops
  • Succinct, timely topics based on technology tools
  • Online teaching best practices
  • Course design considerations and approaches