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Homeland security encompasses more than just border patrol and counterterrorism—disaster response, cybersecurity, and law enforcement all fit under the discipline. Whether you want to serve your local community or the nation at large, EKU’s homeland security degree offers numerous opportunities at every level of government — local, state, and federal, as well as private companies and nonprofits.

What makes EKU’s Homeland Security program unique?

The program differentiates itself from other programs in the U.S. by offering a standalone bachelor of science degree with specialization opportunities in disaster management, security operations management, and intelligence studies. In 2011, we added the completely online Bachelor’s program which means we’ve been delivering quality online education for more than a decade now. All of our undergraduate programs are offered both on-campus and completely online and our graduate certificates are also offered completely online for maximum flexibility. Besides the intrinsic value of earning a college degree, there is the reality of pursuing a career upon graduation.

Where can a person work who earns a Homeland Security degree?

About 25% enter federal, state, or local law enforcement while another 20% go into Emergency Management. We have students in the CIA, the FBI, the NSA and some who work in the private sector for large Fortune 500 companies. There are also graduates who enter the military after their studies. With this degree, there are a host of opportunities in the job market.

What makes this institution so special?

Eastern Kentucky University is a wonderful institution of higher education. We have the programs and opportunities of a large institution, but we also couple that with the attention and focus of a smaller institution and that’s a rare find these days. For over 20 years, I’ve seen a lot of transformation, great transformation here at EKU, and I’m excited to see what’s next for those seeking higher education. Whether it be online or on-campus, I just urge students to give EKU a chance because I know they’re not going to regret it.

What would you say to a prospective online student?

My job as the instructor is to help the student understand that they’re important and they matter. They matter to me and the program and their learning and success is the reason I’m on this end of the computer. I want to assure online students that not only do they get the same experienced professors as on-campus courses, but they also get a team of talented instructional designers and other staff who really do care about the student. That’s the difference at EKU.

By: Ryan Baggett, dean of the EKU Graduate School and professor in the homeland security program

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