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Although the travel and hospitality industry took a hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, industry experts agree that travel and tourism will return and may exceed pre-pandemic levels. Travel behavior is expected to come back to normal but with some changes.

Revenge Travel

One primary reason travel is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels is people love to travel. During the pandemic, a lot of people were forced not to travel. This is resulting in what the industry calls, “revenge travel.” People want to travel, more than ever, to make up for the time lost to the pandemic. A lot of people were waiting for the moment when the travel restrictions would be lifted. Data shows that the number of travelers is surging despite high plane ticket prices. For example, there has been a 600% increase in Americans traveling to Europe because Europe was the first one to lift their travel ban.

Travel Habits Will Change

Although consumers are ready to begin traveling again, it’s not going to be the same as before the pandemic. According to statistics, almost 84% of travelers have mentioned that their travel habits are likely to change compared to before the pandemic. Some safety protocols implemented during the pandemic will continue because they help meet the expectations of travelers who want to feel safe.

In addition, traveling has become more complicated because countries have different safety protocols regarding things like vaccinations. A notable industry trend is the emergence of travel agents specialized in navigating this information.

Another change in travel habits is the increase in airline travelers purchasing travel insurance. They are facing some uncertainty when they fly and want the flexibility and assurance that travel insurance provides.  For example, if someone travels to a destination and gets COVID, they may not be able to return home as scheduled. Travel insurance can help cover charges associated with flight changes, which has resulted in an increased purchase rate.

Challenges Create Opportunities

The hospitality and tourism industry were negatively impacted by Covid and the pandemic. The layoff percentage was incredible. However, on the positive side, it has given the industry an opportunity to develop and provide better tourism products and experiences. Many businesses took the opportunity to create a better product and experience for future travelers during the time when there weren’t many travelers or guests. It gave the industry time to revisit and improve their marketing strategies.

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