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As a Social Studies teacher, reviewing Kentucky voter turnout is frightening. In a republic, our power over our government is our vote. In the last Kentucky gubernatorial election, only 30% of eligible voters showed up to vote. Showing up to the polls, or not, is a conscience decision that has lasting impacts on our state and country.  Elections have consequences, are you willing to live with the results of your decision?

Kentucky General Election Voter Turnout

  • 2015: 3,200,000 registered voters and 978,767 actually voted (30.6%) (
  • 2016: 3,300,000 registered voters and 1,955,196 actually voted (59.1%) (

Often times I hear that we have to exercise our right to vote, and while that is true, voting is more than a right, it is a responsibility. As we approach the voter registration deadline in Kentucky, make sure that you are registered to vote and informed on the positions of the candidates in every race.

Not registered yet, use this link to register:

What if you’re already registered to vote? What can you do to prepare for the general election in November?

  • Stay up to date on the races in your area.
  • Look up your representatives (Voter Information Center) and research their stances to determine who is most compatible with your views.
  • Do more than just decide who you support. Volunteer to help candidates. Attend forums and ask questions; engage with candidates on social media. Being a part of the conversation is the only way we can improve our state and country.

By: Kevin Presnell, Madison County social studies teacher and EKU College of Education alumnus

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