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With the rise of the digital revolution, the 21st century school has demanded the increased use of technology integration. The application and integration of technology in K-12 classrooms has been supported and stimulated by federal, state, and local governments and educational agencies to enhance K-12 education.

The modern school library “is a laboratory of creation” (Dando, Folk & Levitov, 2017, p. 8), a cultivation of proficiencies enabling school librarians to promote the interests and needs of individual learners. The digital and technological environment has impacted the role of school librarians in the use and integration of technology, and the traditional role of school librarian has expanded to include excelling at technology.

What is the Technology Competency for School Librarians?

To support the new technology role of school librarians, the professional standards, and guidelines for school librarians, such as AASL (American Association of School Librarians), ALA (American Library Association), and ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education), outline and describe the responsible practices and specifications of technology integration. Yi et al. (2019) identified technology competency for school librarians, such as knowledge, skills, and abilities desirable to perform the practices of technology integration.

School librarians have begun to serve leadership roles in technology integration at K-12 schools. A clear understanding of the knowledge and skills in technology integration will better prepare school librarians to collaborate with classroom teachers.

How does the EKU Program Prepare School Librarians for Technology Integration?

Eastern Kentucky University’s Master of Arts in Education (M.A.Ed.) in School Librarian is a unique program. It focuses on the collaborative aspects of technology. This program provides two full courses dedicated to technology: LIB 801 (Educational Technologies) and LIB 841 (Information System Design and Development for School Librarians). LIB 801 is an introductory course in technology in the program and LIB 841 is a technology course focusing on building the knowledge and skills related to Web for P-12 school settings.  

By: Kwan Yi, PhD, Professor, EKU Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership

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