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Employers recognize that competent communication skills are the heart of advancement, promotion, and leadership opportunities. According to a 2017 article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, employers and administrators report that competent communication skills are one of the top three skills graduates need to succeed. The Association of American Colleges and Universities reported in 2015 that the ability to effectively communicate orally, the ability to work effectively with others in teams, the ability to effectively communicate in writing, and the ability to apply critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills were rated as very important by employers. Eastern Kentucky University’s online communication studies program includes the development, reinforcement, and mastery of these skills. 

The versatility of a communication studies degree cannot be overstated. Graduates successfully enter careers in corporate instructional training, management, consulting, human resources, human services, sales, development, recruiting, and dispute resolution. Many communication studies graduates pursue graduate degrees in communication, law, education, politics, counseling, public administration, and the seminary. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment projections for these positions throughout the next ten years is trending in a positive direction. 

At Eastern Kentucky University, the communication studies program is designed to cultivate students’ interests, strengths and career objectives. All students complete a communication core. Then students choose their remaining credit hours from a robust list of upper division communication courses. The major and minor in communication studies offers students the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to become a valued asset in a variety of professional and personal contexts. Students that complete the major are recognized for their abilities to foster healthy personal and professional relationships; engage in productive decision-making practices; apply productive problem-solving techniques; identify contexts, situations and barriers that impede communication; communicate in diverse cultural contexts; and collaborate in teams.

By: Amy Thieme, Ph. D., associate professor, EKU Department of Communication

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