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EKU instructor, Mary Sciaraffa, believes in making connections and taking an active part in her student’s educational experience. She goes above and beyond to ensure her online students have opportunities to interact and engage with her. Sciaraffa’s personal attention and dedication to helping students prepare to make their mark in the field makes her a particular point of pride on EKU’s campuses, both in-person and virtual. We take great pride in offering the chance to get to know her a little better.

What brought you to EKU?

The opportunity to work in a program that remains within a department that has roots in family and consumer sciences.

Tell us a little about your work in your field.

I have worked in several different capacities, which have allowed me to work with both young children and adults. I have taught within early childhood classrooms and served as an administrator at several campus-based children’s centers. It has always been my professional goal to offer adult students a quality education and thus improve the quality of life for individuals and families. I have presented within a variety of venues with a variety of audiences and have been published in peer-reviewed professional journals, textbooks, and practitioner’s books.

What moment at EKU stands out as most memorable?

I cannot say that there is one moment, but it is the accumulation of interactions with colleagues and students.

What is your approach to online teaching?

I am passionate about the field of child and family studies. I hope my own curiosity resonates with my students. Child development and family studies is a dynamic field, as dynamic as the individuals and families we study, with much research that has yet to be revealed.

What tactics or approaches do you use to aid in your student’s success?

Whether I am teaching online or face-to-face, one of my primary objectives is to make connections between theory and practice. I want students to have practical information that is relevant to their life experiences and future careers.

What do you believe are the biggest advantages to online learning?

The flexibility to work through the content at your own pace, but still have deadlines to keep you on track.

What have you been up to lately? (Research, projects, awards, etc.)

I have been working as a member of the leadership team for Kentucky Strengthening Families. This work has allowed me to conduct professional development training on the topic of adverse childhood experiences and how to work with children and families who have experienced trauma. I am a board member for Kentucky Youth Law project, which provides legal advice for LGBTQIAA+ youth. I feel it is important for me to continually work to be a good ally and advocate for the LGBTQIAA+ community.

What advice would you give to someone who’s considering finishing their degree, or starting for the first time as an adult?

Do not be afraid to reach out to your advisor or professor. We really do want you to succeed and want to work with you to see you graduate.

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