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Dr. Matthew P. Winslow



  • B.A. Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota
  • M.A. University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Research/Academic Interests

  • Empathy
  • Social Psychology
  • Pedagogy


Dr. Winslow’s work can be found in several journals including:
  • Carpenter, R., Gore, J., O’Brien, S., Fairchild, J, & Winslow, M. P. (2021). Integrated approaches for supporting academic research: Models that reveal the future while promoting success. In International Perspectives on Emerging Trends and Integrating Research-Based Learning Across the Curriculum. E. Sengupta, & P. Blessinger, (Eds.). Emerald Publishing.
  • Winslow, M. P., Skubik-Peplaski, C., & Burkett, B. (2017). Transferring information from faculty development to classroom practice: A mixed-method study. Journal of Faculty Development, 31, 35-40.
  • Gamblin, B. W., Winslow, M. P., Lindsay, B., Newsom, A. W., & Kehn, A. (2017). Comparison in-person, Sona, and Mechanical Turk measurements of three prejudice-relevant constructs. Current Psychology, 36, 217-224. doi:10.1007/s12144-015-9403-1
  • Winslow, M. P. (2016). Facilitating professional development in metacognition. In H. Blythe, C. Sweet, & R. Carpenter (Eds.), It Works for Me, Metacognitively (pp. 30 – 32). Stillwater, Oklahoma: New Forums Press.
  • Winslow, M. P. (2015). Facilitating small group activities with google drive. Online Classroom, 15(11), 8.
  • Winslow, M. P. (2015). Teaching the flip: Facilitating a professional learning community. In H. Blythe, C. Sweet, & R. Carpenter (Eds.), It Works for Me, Flipping the Classroom: Shared Tips for Effective Teaching (pp. 22 – 24). Stillwater, Oklahoma: New Forums Press.
  • Winslow, M. P. (2015). Engaging students in video outside of class. In H. Blythe, C. Sweet, & R. Carpenter (Eds.), It Works for Me, Flipping the Classroom: Shared Tips for Effective Teaching (pp. 80 – 82). Stillwater, Oklahoma: New Forums Press.
  • Winslow, M. P. & Napier, R. (2012). Not my marriage: Third-person perception and the effects of legalizing same-sex marriage. Social Psychology, 43, 2, 92-97.
  • Winslow, M. P., Aaron, A., & Amadife, E. N. (2011). African Americans’ lay theories about the detection of prejudice and non-prejudice. Journal of Black Studies, 42, 43-70.
  • Lindsay, B. T., & Winslow, M. P. (2011). Subconscious racism and sucrose: Measuring the effects of self-regulatory depletion on the Implicit Association Test. Journal of Interpersonal Relations, Intergroup Relations and Identity, 4, 8 – 16.
  • Brubaker, R., Bundy, M. B., Winslow, M. P., & Belcher, K. (2010). School psychologists’ beliefs about autism: Impact on classroom intervention acceptability. Trainers’ Forum: Journal of the Trainers of School Psychologists, 29, 3, 51 – 64.
  • Winslow, M. P. (2004). Reactions to the imputation of prejudice. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 26(4), 289-297.

Invited Addresses

  • O'Brien, S. P., Winslow, M. P. (August 11, 2017). Active Learning Strategies for Leadership Development, Baptist Health Lexington Faculty Development, Lexington, KY.
  • Carpenter, R., Winslow, M. P. (December 6, 2016).Teaching for Deep Learning. Baptist Health Faculty Development, Baptist Health, Central Baptist Hospital Lexington, KY.
  • Winslow, M. P. (2012). Walk a Mile in Your Shoes. Invited address, EKU Chautauqua Lecture Series.
  • Winslow, M. P. (2006). What to do and what not to do when called a racist. Invited Hot Topic talk, KPA 2006 Spring Academic Meeting, Louisville, KY.
  • Winslow, M. P. (2003). Some ideas about prejudice from academic social psychology. Invited presentation at the May Board meeting of the National Conference for Community and justice, Bluegrass Region.
  • Winslow, M. P. (2002). The (evolutionary) psychology of love: Men are shallow and women are gold-diggers. Invited address, EKU Chautauqua Lecture Series.

Associations/Affiliations/Work History

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • IEEE Young Professionals
  • IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society


  • Critical Thinking Teacher of the Year, Eastern Kentucky University, 2014, 2015, 2020, 2021
  • College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences Dean’s Outstanding Teaching & Mentoring Award, 2020
  • Phi Kappa Phi, 2019
  • Acorn Award, Kentucky Council on Post-Secondary Education, 2017