Fran C. Dickson, Ph.D.

Fran C. Dickson, Ph.D.



  • B.A. State University College of New York at Buffalo
  • M.A. West Virginia University
  • Ph.D. Bowling Green State University, Communication

Research/Academic Interests

  • Interpersonal and personal relationships
  • Later-life dating and marriages
  • Family communication
  • Health communication
  • Communication and aging
  • Communication and conflict


Dr. Dickson’s work can be found in several journals including:
  • Journal of Family Communication
  • Western Journal of Communication
  • Southern Communication Journal
  • Journal of Social and Personal
  • Journal of Applied Communication Research Relationships
  • Qualitative Research Reports
  • Communication Research Reports
  • Psychology Reports
  • Small Group Behavior
She has also co-authored books and book chapters including:
  • Dickson, F. C., & Webb, L. M. (Eds.). (2012). Communication for Families in Crisis: Theories, Methods, Strategies. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.
  • Desrayaud, N, Dickson, F, Webb, L.M. (in press). The Theory of Bullying Conflict Cultures: Developing a New Explanation for Workplace Bullies. In Beck, C. & R. West (Eds). The Handbook of Communication and Bullying. Routledge Press.
  • Dickson, F. C. & Hughes, P. C. (2014). The socially and sexually active later-life family member. In J. Nussbaum (Ed.), The Handbook of Life Span Communication (pp. 373-386). New York: Peter Lang Publishing.
  • Dickson, F. C. & Hughes, P. C. (2014). Aging Families and Family Communication. In L. Turner & R. West (Eds.), The Sage Handbook of Family Communication (pp. 263-276). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Hughes, P. C., & Dickson, F. C. (2006). Relational dynamics in interfaith marriages. In L. Turner & R. West (Eds.), The Family Communication Sourcebook (pp. 373-388). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
  • Dickson, F. C., Christian, A., & Remmo, C. J. (2004). An exploration of marital and family issues among later-life adults. In A. Vangelisti (Ed.), Handbook of Family Communication (pp. 153-174). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Associations/Affiliations/Work History

  • National Communication Association
  • Southern States Communication Association
  • Western Communication Association
  • Professor at the University of Denver (1996- 2009)
  • Chair and Professor at Chapman University (2009-2014)
  • Previous Chair of the Family Communication Division, National Communication Association
  • Previous Chair of the Interpersonal Division, Southern States Communication Association