Dae Wook Kim, Ph.D.

Dae Wook Kim, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


  • B.S. Michigan State University
  • M.S. Syracuse University
  • Ph.D. Wright State University, Cybersecurity

Research/Academic Interests

  • Network security and privacy using deep learning and machine learning
  • Developing statistical feature modeling, big data processing, and learning-based detection system to understand, model and make sense of data generated from network-centric systems
  • Internet malware analysis, DNS identity and privacy management, and social computing
  • Teaching classes in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and data visualization


Dr. Kim’s work can be found in several journals including:
  • Yu Li, Xiaotian Wang, Dae Wook Kim, Junjie Zhang, and Rui Dai, “Designing Self-Destructing Wireless Sensors with Security and Performance Assurance”, Computer Networks (2018)
  • Dae Wook Kim, Junjie Zhang, “Deriving and Measuring DNS-Based Fingerprints”, Journal of Information Security and Applications 36 (2017): 32-42.
  • Yadong Zhou, Dae Wook Kim, Junjie Zhang, Lili Liu, Huan Jin, Hongbo Jin, and Ting Liu, “ProGuard: Detecting Malicious Accounts in Social-Network-Based Online Promotions”, IEEE Access 5 (2017): 1990-1999.
  • Dae Wook Kim, Peiying Yan, and Junjie Zhang, “Detecting fake anti-virus software distribution webpages”, Computers & Security 49 (2015): 95-106.

Associations/Affiliations/Work History

  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2017-present
  • IEEE Computer Society, 2017-present
  • Kentucky Academy of Science, 2018-present
  • Kentucky Cyber Threat Working Group, Kentucky Office of Homeland Security, 2017-pesent
  • Kentucky High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), 2017-present


  • November's Mentorship of The Month, EKU Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors, 2019
  • EKU Faculty Development Grant, 2018
  • EKU COS Junior Faculty Summer Research Award, 2018
  • EKU Faculty Mini-Grant, 2017
  • NVIDIA GPU Grant program recipient, 2017
  • AMAZON AWS Cloud Credits for Research recipient, 2016