Chad Foster, Ph.D.

Chad Foster, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Program Coordinator


  • B.S. United States Military Academy
  • M.P.A. University of Louisville
  • Ph.D. University of Louisville

Research and Academic Interests

  • Homeland Security and Disaster Management Policy
  • Disaster Resilience and Social Vulnerability
  • Community Preparedness and Emergency Management Systems
  • Technology and Society
  • High-Impact Educational Practices

Work History and Publications

  • Experience includes work as a Federal Emergency Management Agency contractor responsible for implementing various preparedness programs for the benefit of safety, security, and emergency management professionals nationwide.
  • Managed multiple projects at the Council of State Governments, including an assessment of the National Capital Region using the Emergency Management Accreditation Program standard, and a Federal government-sponsored study of state law enforcement agencies following 9/11.
  • Authored a variety of government publications and reports in direct support to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  • Published frequently as a public safety and justice analyst for the Council of State Governments.
  • Recently co-edited and contributed to the book Homeland Security Technologies for the 21st Century.
  • Passionate about student success and teaching and learning as it relates to homeland security, emergency/disaster management, and strategic planning and leadership.

Military Service

  • Dr. Foster served in a variety of leadership positions in the U.S. Army as an armor officer, which included two overseas peacekeeping operations.