EKU Paralegal Program Transfer Policy

General education, free electives, and other courses fulfilling university graduation requirements will be accepted for transfer at EKU following the policies and procedures set forth in the Transfer Student Information section of the EKU Undergraduate Catalog. 

Transfer of paralegal specialty (LAS) courses follow the same policies and procedures as all other courses and will be subject to the following additional program-specific policies and procedures:

Only paralegal courses taken at ABA-approved paralegal programs will be eligible for transfer as a paralegal specialty course at EKU. The transferred paralegal specialty course must be substantially the same course in content and learning outcomes as the equivalent paralegal specialty course at EKU. The paralegal program director will review each request for transfer, confirm ABA approval of the paralegal program at the time of course enrollment, and compare the prior course description to determine if the course meets the transfer criteria. The paralegal program director reserves the right to request that the student seeking transfer of such courses provide course syllabi, assignments, or other information to confirm course content and/or ABA approval. The program does not grant course credit by portfolio or examination.

Transfer students must take a minimum of 15 semester hours of paralegal (LAS) courses at EKU to earn a paralegal degree, minor, or certificate. 

Paralegal majors, minors, and certificates must take a minimum of nine semester credits of paralegal specialty courses from major/minor requirements in a synchronous format. This includes traditional in-person instruction or Skype-like technology in which all students and instructors can interactive in real-time. No courses taken in an asynchronous online or web-based format can count towards this nine semester credit requirement. Transfer students may be asked to provide evidence that courses were taken in a synchronous format to qualify for transfer.