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Kevin Minor, Ph.D.

Dr. Kevin Minor

June 24, 2021

KCTCS Students

April 21, 2021
A man just released from prison ponders what to do next
Once an individual has been found guilty and sentenced to prison, many people assume that he or she has, or should have, no rights.  Until the 1960s, this was true to some extent.  Before the 1960s, federal and state courts refused to hear prisoners’ rights cases or decided those cases in such a way that...
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The Constitution of the United States on a table, the 1st Amendment visible
Prisoners’ rights cases concerning religion are about religious practices, not religious beliefs.  Some practices heard by courts include wearing religious jewelry, wearing hair a certain way, refusing to take a shower in front of others, demanding that the prison allow a sweat lodge to be built, wearing a head covering, demanding the prison provide a pork-free...
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Pillars of a criminal justice building
"Everyone from the admissions staff to the instructors here are so enthusiastic about my education. The faculty at EKU really have made the material come alive. I feel involved with EKU even though I have never stepped foot on the campus."
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Pillars of a criminal justice building
"I have enjoyed my classes. The teachers are great. The courses are easy to access, and the format is easy to understand."
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Ryan Fletcher
"I have had a wonderful learning experience in the EKU Online master's degree program. My knowledge and love for studying the criminal justice system has grown immensely!  The professors are all excellent and the staff has always been amazing about making sure everything goes smoothly. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who  wants to...
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