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Gavel sits on judge's table
The role of corrections is to carry out the punishment administered by the court.  But what exactly is “punishment”?  According to Joycelyn M. Pollock, author of “Prisons Today and Tomorrow,” punishment is defined as “unpleasantness or pain administered by one in lawful authority in response to another’s transgression of law or rules.”
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AC Online - Best Online Master's Criminal Justice Badge
EKU is among the top universities for criminal justice graduate programs online according to Affordable Colleges Online. Eastern Kentucky University’s online master’s degree in justice, policy and leadership made the list based on student-centered criteria, including graduation rates, tuition and the percentage of students receiving financial aid.
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Top Online Criminal Justice Degrees Badge
The online degree programs at Eastern Kentucky University are fourth in the nation for criminal justice according to an evaluation done by College Affordability Guide.
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Outside of criminal justice building, the word 'Justice' carved
Criminal justice is the three pillared system by which our society handles crime and rehabilitation. The careers that make up the criminal justice system are diverse, rewarding and offer individuals the opportunity to effect meaningful change in their communities, as well as at the state and federal level.
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Deborah Blanchard
EKU Online’ s 2017 Outstanding Student of the Year Award was presented to Deborah Blanchard, an undergraduate student majoring in Corrections & Juvenile Justice.
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EKU Graduate Jim Johns
Jim Johns chose to earn his bachelor’s degree in a field he is passionate about. Several years ago, he was assisting GED instructors in jails and halfway houses as a favor to a friend. One evening the instructor did not show up, so he agreed to teach.
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Best Online Programs - Criminal Justice
EKU offers one of the nation’s top online degree programs in criminal justice according to The Community for Accredited Online Schools. The organization released a “Best Online Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice” list and placed Eastern Kentucky University at #2 of 50 schools.
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Police officer furthers his education online
Tim Carman knows a criminal justice career was the right choice for him. "I always wanted to work with people. In this career, you have an impact and can actually see the results of your work,” he said.
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EKU - Top Ten Criminal Justice Degree Programs Badge has ranked Eastern Kentucky University seventh among online bachelor’s degree programs.
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Pillars of a criminal justice building
Restorative justice is an appropriate approach when dealing with juvenile delinquency and misbehavior. The goal of restorative justice is to repair the harm or damage done to the victim and community while changing the offender's behavior. This can be achieved through victim offender mediation, family group counseling, neighborhood reparative boards and sentencing peacemaker circles.
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