Bachelor’s to OTD Curriculum

This path is for those who have a bachelor’s degree in OT but no master’s degree. See the admissions requirements for more information.

Occupational Therapy Master’s Core Courses 9 hours

  • OTS 850: Planning & Managing in OT Practice
  • OTS 880: Research in Occupational Therapy
  • OTS 884: Qualitative Inquiry Approaches
  • OTS 885: Occupational Performance Measures

Master’s Electives  6 hours

Select two from the following:

  • OTS 862: Therapeutic Modalities in OT Practice
  • OTS 863: Occupation and Sensory Processing
  • OTS 864: Early Childhood Practice
  • OTS 865: School-Based Practice
  • OTS 885: Occupational Performance Measures
  • OTS 890: Independent Study in OT

Or an online elective course from another program (e.g. education, nursing, public administration, etc.) 

Master’s/OTD Electives 12 hours                                                          

  • OTS 853: Leadership and Change in OT
  • OTS 882: Advanced Occupational Science
  • OTS 886: Culture and Diversity in OT
  •  OTS 910: Policy Analysis for OT

Master’s Research 3 hours

  • OTS 896: Research Contribution

Students will have the MS degree awarded after completing 30 credit hours and all MS OT degree requirements; they are then expected to continue on with coursework to complete the doctorate requirements.

Occupational Therapy Doctorate Core Courses 24 hours

  • OTS 901: OTD Leadership Seminar I
  • OTS 902: OTD Leadership Seminar II
  • OTS 903: OTD Leadership Seminar III
  • OTS 904: OTD Leadership Seminar IV
  • OTS 905: OTD Applied Leadership Experience
  • OTS 906: Capstone
  • OTS 910: Policy Analysis for OT
  • OTS 911: Applied Research in OT
  • OTS 912: Evidence-Based Practice for OT
  • OTS 913: Educational Practices for OT

Total Hours Required for Degree Completion 61 hours

For a full list of course descriptions please see section 6 of the university graduate catalog.