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social worker with client
The role social workers play in addressing intimate partner violence (IPV), also known as domestic violence, often goes unnoticed. In recent years, intimate partner violence has been labelled a ‘significant public health issue’ by the Centers for Disease control and Prevention.
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social work child abuse prevention
According to the Children’s Bureau, in 2020, roughly 2 million children received prevention services, and approximately 1.2 million children received post-response services (CMD, n.d.). Unfortunately, this data only includes state and local Child Protective Service Agencies. We can assume that these numbers could be much higher if we also had data from community-based agencies.
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When I think about the homeless, I imagine cardboard signs in sprawling urban cities. I never thought about homelessness being a problem in my hometown. A place where we take care of our own. Where we say, “Come on in and stay awhile” and “You’re always welcome here.” But along with the opioid epidemic, homelessness...
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social work bsw degree
The black and white of it, so to speak, is that institutional racism directly creates a disproportionately Black service population. Wage disparity, poverty, single parent households, incarceration, teen pregnancy, doubled infant mortality, and lack of equity in property plague Black communities at alarming rates compared to their white counterparts, (Moore, 2021, para. 2). This means...
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social worker with family
The world we live in is diverse. This rich diversity is what allows us to thrive in abundance and become more successful. It is as true in nature as it is in human civilization, diversity increases sustainability. For a society to truly thrive its members need to respect, and acknowledge, diversity for the important contributions...
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social worker teleconference
By allowing clients to schedule telehealth visits with a social worker outside of normal business hours, agencies are broadening coverage for clients and offering services to those who may not have time to leave work and come into an office setting (Erreger, 2021, p.26).
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social work cultural sensitivity
The way we use language is important and can have a large impact on how we make people feel. We can reinforce negative stereotypes and biases, or we can promote empowerment and individuality. You likely would not want to be introduced only as “the short woman” or “the old man” or “the black person”. That...
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social worker group
During my time at the Kentucky River Children’s Advocacy Center (the Care Cottage), I was able to witness the collaboration of individuals when working with various clients. This is coined multidisciplinary teamwork because individuals from various disciplines are working together on child abuse cases to make sure they are proceeding as required and the needs...
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social worker trauma care client
As a social worker, you will often encounter individuals with a history of trauma. Caring for the needs of clients with trauma exposure is challenging and requires a special approach. Throughout my social work program, I’ve learned about trauma informed care, however, it wasn’t until my senior practicum — working in a residential treatment facility...
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Addiction Recovery Starts in the Mind
I completed a college practicum at a drug treatment center. There were many treatment options at this facility from a 28-day residential program, to an eleven-month long-term inpatient/outpatient program. Part of my practicum experience was to help a clinical staff member run group therapy. Group therapy offered me a unique opportunity to connect with the...
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