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Homeland Security Students
On March 2, 2023, the 21st Annual Posters-at-the-Capitol (P@C) event was held at the State Capitol Building in Frankfort, Kentucky. The mission of the P@C is to help increase the awareness and understanding by the Governor and the General Assembly of the important role undergraduate research plays in the education of future professionals. The P@C...
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Political Science
After earning a degree in political science, one of the first questions new graduates ask themselves is what sort of careers are available as a comfortable entry into the field. As a result, one of the largest preconceptions that new graduates have is that political science careers are mostly limited to state and local government...
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Instructional Design
Instructional or learning design is a creative process that requires a multitude of skills, such as designing learning solutions, training, online courses, evaluation, and multimedia projects.
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Emily Powell BSN
Emily Powell is completing her bachelor of science in nursing degree online with Eastern Kentucky University. She is an RN at the University of Kentucky hospital. Emily recently shared her thoughts about her experience as an EKU Online student.
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HIPPA Patient Records
We all go to the doctor or hospital at some point in time for health care services. Our healthcare providers collect our personal information, which is used to diagnose, treat, and bill for services rendered. Personal information is considered protected health information (PHI) and is protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)....
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A paralegal is a paraprofessional that works under the supervision of an attorney performing tasks that have traditionally been done by an attorney. There are a number of tasks attorneys do such as, drafting motions, memos, forms, and various other documents that are used either in litigation or some type of transactional work within the...
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Corrections Careers
A corrections and juvenile justice studies bachelor’s degree prepares graduates for many careers. Of course, there are jobs within the field that do not require a bachelor’s degree, but options are limited. Opportunities for promotion and moving into administrative positions will require a degree.
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Communication Dispute Resolution
Conflict in the workplace is something that is unavoidable. It is important that this workplace conflict is handled well, as the outcome can have significant impacts on productivity and morale. Understanding the nature of conflict and the types of conflict management styles that could be at play are valuable skills in any career field. Leaders...
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Michael Chen Psychology
Cognitive psychology has its roots in cognition, which explores how our mind learns and perceives information. How it processes it, how it stores that information in your memory, and how we retrieve that information. One example is test taking. How do people study and learn information so they can retrieve and share it later on...
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Eric Foster Nursing MSN DNP
Eric Foster graduated from Eastern Kentucky University in 2018 with his Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) with a Rural Health Family Nurse Practitioner specialization. Foster said he was motivated to get his MSN degree because he wanted to maximize his capabilities and take his career to its full potential. He chose EKU because he...
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