Instructional Design & Learning Technology Career Opportunities

Become a Leader in the Fast-Growing Instructional Design Field

Instructional design is an eclectic and specialized field built on unique skill sets used to create better learning experiences and materials. Instructional designers (IDs) have come from wide-ranging backgrounds such as art, computer science, business management, video production, technical writing, foreign languages, mathematics, philosophy, and teacher education.

Successful IDs possess expertise in several key areas such as learning theories and principles, training paradigms, multimedia production, project management, program evaluation, and various web technologies. Another important trait of IDs is the capacity to understand instructional/learning design as an evolving field and assimilate other skills and concepts as they emerge.

With such a dynamic skillset, instructional designers work in many diverse fields such as large corporations, higher education, traditional manufacturing environments, positions within state and national governments, nonprofit organizations, as well as military and military/government contractors. Additionally, the latest trends suggest instructional designers are increasingly self-employed on a freelance or contract basis.

Job prospects are promising. According to BLS, jobs such as Instructional Coordinators, are poised to grow 6% from 2019 to 2029 – a rate considered by the BLS to be faster than average growth. Additionally, BLS projects Training and Development Specialists, another career for IDs to grow 9% – much faster than average – within the same time period.

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Popular Instructional Design Careers

Instructional Coordinator

National Median Annual Salary
6% growth increase thru 2029
Local Estimated Base Salary
updated May 2021
Top Companies for Instructional Designers in Kentucky
U.S. Dept. of Defense
Bachelor's typically required for entry-level positions

Technical Writer

National Median Annual Salary
7% growth increase thru 2029
Local Estimated Base Salary
updated May 2021
Top Companies for Technical Writers in Kentucky
Bachelor's typically required for entry-level positions

Training & Development Specialist

National Median Annual Salary
9% growth increase thru 2029
Local Estimated Base Salary
updated May 2021
Top Companies for Training & Development Specialists in Kentucky
U.S. Dept. Health & Human Services
FM Global
Bachelor's typically required for entry-level positions

*National job opportunities data is based on national medians and figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics occupational outlook handbook.
*Local job opportunities data is based on estimated base pay and figures from

Other Instructional Design & Learning Technology Careers

  • Instructional coordinator
  • Curriculum designers
  • Corporate trainers
  • Academic coaches
  • Training developers
  • Web trainers
  • Technical writer
  • Chief Academic Officer curriculum developer
  • Director of instructional design librarian
  • Director of instructional technology
  • Director of training & development
  • Distance education specialist
  • EdTech curriculum developer
  • Education program manager
  • Employee trainer
  • Training manager
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