Student Spotlights

Click on any of the images below to view the student spotlight. Learn more about what these students enjoy about their online degree programs with EKU Online.

Image Casey Humphrey EKU Online OTD GraduateImage Jason Tate EKU Online Psychology GraduateImage Mary Maurath EKU Online Fire GraduateImage Samantha O'Leary EKU Online Education GraduateImage Rodney_Mills_EKU_Online_GraduateImage Julie_Curry_EKU_Online_MPA_GraduateImage Dan_Delaney_EKU_Online_Police_GraduateImage Amanda Feltner EKU Online GraduateImage Aunjane_Rodgers_EKU_Online_Homeland_Security_GraduateImage Gene_Ritter_EKU_Online_Music_StudentImage Gerry_Marini_EKU_Online_Occupational_Therapy_Doctorate_GraduateImage Phillip Wayne Bramblett EKU Online Graduate


Published on December 06, 2016