EKU Degree Makes a Difference for Student Who Started in 1977

Rodney Mills, graduated December 16, 2016

“I have been in the workforce for many years, but always felt I was being overlooked . . . because I did not have the degree,” said EKU Online graduate Rodney Mills of Conyers, Georgia.

Rodney attended EKU after high school and made lifelong friends, but he didn’t graduate.

“You start doing other things, and you think other things are more important,” he explained.

He had a 25-year career in the mortgage industry, but something was missing. He knew not having a degree was holding him back. He found himself frequently encouraging others, especially his children, to finish college.

“At one point, it hit me,” he remembered with a laugh. “If you believe in it that much, what's the holdup? Why haven't you done it?”

He called EKU to learn more about online learning and enrolled in the general studies degree program.  With encouragement from his advisor, he worked toward his goal. He even made the Deans’ List every time he was eligible.

His instructors were especially supportive. “They were clear with their expectations, but they were also understanding. They were always available and open to discussing requirements. They were wonderful,” Rodney recalled.

His commitment to finishing his degree made a real difference when he interviewed for a new position within his company.

“When they found out I was close to completing my degree, the conversation changed. I completed my degree on a Friday and started a new job on Monday!” Rodney recalled.

When he came back to campus for commencement, he could not help but reflect on what it meant to him to be a college graduate. “This has been much more emotional and, quite honestly, satisfying than I ever anticipated it would be,” he said. “This was just a great experience in every way.”

Published on February 02, 2017