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Five Careers for Criminal Justice Majors Who Don’t Want to be Police Officers

When you mention that you are a criminal justice major most people instinctively assume that you plan to become a police officer. While it’s a fair assessment — since many criminal justice majors do pursue a long awaited career in law enforcement — criminal justice is a much more diverse field than many people realize.

Social Worker VS. Social Services Worker: Ensuring Proper Training in the Field of Social Work

By: Caroline Reid, Ph.D., MSW, EKU online social work program coordinator and associate professor

I recently listened to a news conference at which Gov. Bevin proposed a new apprenticing initiative to train high school students for social services worker positions in the Department of Community Based Services (DCBS). 

Criminal Justice Policy, Leadership, and the American Death Penalty

By: Kevin I. Minor, professor, EKU School of Justice Studies

“Time for a tree and rope.”

Turn your desire to help others into a rewarding career

Many people want to help others. There is nothing wrong with that. It is good to want to help others. It speaks to our humanity, our sense of mutuality, and even to our purpose. But the desire to help other people, while a good goal, has its limitations. Simply wanting to help others could backfire if you don’t know what you’re doing.

EKU Announces Online Social Work Degree

Eastern Kentucky University will offer the bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW) online in fall 2017. The new format will prepare students for success in a growing field.

Social Work Career Opportunities with Older Adults

Image Social Worker With Elderly Female Client

By: Bob Karolich, associate professor, EKU Department of Anthropology, Sociology, & Social Work

Social Work and Families

When you ask people ’What do social workers do?” the average person will say something about social workers taking children away from their families. While that sometimes becomes a necessity, it is only partially true.

EKU Launches Online Bachelor’s Degree Program in Communication Studies

Eastern Kentucky University is launching a 100% online bachelor’s degree program in communication studies in fall 2018. The program is ideal for those seeking entry-level positions as well as for individuals looking to advance in their field.

EKU to Offer Sport Management Degree Online

Eastern Kentucky University is launching its bachelor’s degree in sport management 100% online in fall 2018.

The curriculum was designed by the Sport Management Program Review Council and has been offered on campus since 2009.