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EKU’s 100% online honors certificate is a 13-credit hour undergraduate program providing an integrative liberal arts honors option to enrich and enhance the student experience among high-achieving bachelor’s degree-seekers. The program provides opportunities to hone critical thinking skills, emotional intelligence and cultural competency. Honors options also offer an added level of distinction for graduates and provide a competitive edge when applying for graduate and professional school programs.

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Eligibility & Application Process

Benefits of EKU Online Honors Certificate

  • 100% online
  • Free textbooks through EKU BookSmart
  • Integrates liberal arts skills with major curriculum
  • Creation of a Professional Portfolio (to be used for graduate school, applications, etc)
  • Focus on interdisciplinary research
  • Networking benefits through the EKU Honors community
  • Exclusive opportunity that stands out on a resume
  • Easily integrated with various majors
  • Networking opportunities in the EKU Honors Community
  • Opportunities for conference travel, research presentations and study abroad scholarships

Who is Eligible

The EKU Honors certificate is an opportunity for outstanding EKU Online undergraduate bachelor’s degree-seeking students who have an EKU GPA above a 3.2 and have earned between 18 to 80 credit hours. Students meeting the criteria will be invited to join at the end of each term (Spring and Fall) and Summer session. Eligible students receiving an invitation should talk further with their academic advisor to discuss how classes would fit into current graduation plan.

Application Process

Eligible students are invited to join at the end of each term.  Students will work with their advisor to add the Honors Certificate.


The Honors Certificate provides an interdisciplinary and integrative liberal arts honors option to strengthen critical and creative thinking skills among high achieving degree-seekers enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs via EKU Online. Studies have repeatedly shown the long-term career benefits of strong liberal arts grounding and the critical and creative thinking that come with it. The Honors Certificate option will provide an energizing curricular path that actively integrates interdisciplinary liberal arts skills with the curriculum of the student’s major(s) and will culminate with a professional portfolio that might be used for scholarship applications, graduate school or other professional endeavors.

Degree Requirements

A total of 13 credits are required to graduate. Complete degree requirement information about the communication studies certificate is available in the University undergraduate catalog.

Please review the admissions requirements before applying for this or any program. If you have questions about the program or are planning to register for classes, please speak to the program advisor.


For a full list of course descriptions please see section 7 of the University undergraduate catalog.

HON 101 The Examined Life (3)
Engagement with historical and recent memoirs, diaries, and philosophical reflections. Students develop fundamental skills in critical and creative thinking, research, and communication. Research project requires use of library resources and development of a cogent argument.

HON 301 Self and Community (3)
Interdisciplinary examination of the meanings of participation in local, national, and global communities. Topics may include matters such as political engagement, leadership, compassion, empathy, inequality, stratification, race, and gender.

HON 302 Honors Option (3)
Taken in conjunction with a course at or above the 300- level in which student is simultaneously enrolled. Student completes a substantial project that places lessons and meanings of the upper division course in the context of a philosophical, ethical, social, and/or civic issue studied in HON 101 and/or HON 301.

HON 391 Honors Portfolio (1)
Production of a portfolio that reflects and demonstrates the ways in which the student’s experiences in higher education have met and corresponded with the specified learning goals of the honors certificate program.

Student Success

I attribute my success to the EKU Communication Studies major and the faculty in the EKU Communication Department. My dreams have become bigger than I could ever imagine.

Lacy Griffith AndrewsAssistant Commonwealth Attorney for the 29th Judicial Circuit of Kentucky

Online Military Students

EKU Online offers veterans and active duty military students an unparalleled online learning experience that provides accessibility, convenience and flexibility.

Special Tuition for Active Duty* Military
Eastern Kentucky University offers reduced tuition expenses to $250 per credit hour for undergraduate and $325 per credit hour for graduate courses to all service members currently serving on active duty.

*Active duty is defined as on federal orders for 180 days or more.

“I’d like to thank the EKU College of Justice & Safety for the opportunity to complete my degree online. It’s very user-friendly, and everyone has bent over backwards to make this happen.”

– 1LT Heath Bergmann, EKU Online Graduate

Heath Bergmann
  • “I can confidently say that — as someone who doesn’t even live in the United States — EKU’s online program has been extremely accommodating and flexible. I can discuss advising appointments over email, and I can have my textbooks shipped to my address overseas.” – Sydney Garner Lewis
  • “After the birth of our first child, I knew I needed to go back and finish what I started,” said McKenzie. “I was happy that I could pick up where I left off at EKU even though I lived in a different state.” – EKU Online student and mom
  • “I chose EKU because I am a unique student with unique needs, and EKU provides an avenue for students like me to succeed.” – EKU Online Psychology student Jason Tate
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