HLS 101 - CyberCrime

Hello everyone and welcome to week 6. This week we will discuss cyberterrorism first, and then move forward to terrorist financing.

Cybercrime Definition

Cyber terrorism includes the attacking of our cyber infrastructure, virtual information including hardware, software, data and information. Methods of attacks include physical or convention attack, primary aim is on an entire infrastructure; an electronic attack which is on a specific computer or server; and malicious code which is on a computer or network but can spread.

Types of Cybercrime

I want you to be able to distinguish between different types of cyber crime which are acts that are committed using in or by means of a virtual world; hacking, using code to deliberately gain unauthorized access; cyber warfare, an attack by a country on another; cyber terrorism, more difficult to define here.


Wyman 2005 as cited in Gaines and Kappeler 2011, defines cyberterrorism as “The use of computer network tools to harm or shut down critical national infrastructures.” One type of cyber crime that would be devastating to our country would be a physical attack to our communications infrastructure. Our nation is not prepared to reconstruct the Internet from a massive disruption, nor do we have a coordinated comprehensive response to a significant breach in the Internet. Such breach and disruption could have significant, long-lasting, detrimental effects on our economy, defense and society in general.