Residency Requirements

Four courses in the EKU Online Fire, Arson and Explosion Investigation curriculum require students to travel to the  EKU Fire Labs in Richmond, Kentucky for intensive, hands-on sessions. 

This residency requirement, which will take place over two summers, will give you unprecedented opportunities to engage with your online classmates and instructors. Each summer, you will enroll in two course simultaneously. Each course will include online work from your home before and after the campus visit. Note that Summer Residency I must be completed before Summer Residency II. Contact your advisor to learn more.

Residency Dates and Schedule Dates

Summer 2020 Residency I – 7 Days - June 8 - 14, 2020 (Travel Days June 7 and 15)

Due to COVID-19 the residency for June 8-14, 2020 will be provided online. FSE 380 and FSE 450 will be 100% online for a total of 12 weeks. Travel to EKU June 8-14 is no longer required.

FSE 380: Fire & Explosion Scene Analysis

In-depth study of fire, arson and explosive investigations, including the principles and techniques of scene preservation, analysis, management of investigations, documentation of the scene and determination of cause and origin. Prerequisite course: FSE 370.

FSE 450: Advanced Explosion & Bombing Investigation

In-depth study of explosion scene investigation, including the principles and techniques of scene preservation analysis, management of investigative functions, documentation of scene and determination of the cause of explosions. Prerequisite course: FSE 480. Your advisor will have to enter approval to take courses consecutively.

Summer 2020 Residency II – 7 Days - July 6 - 12, 2020 (Travel Days July 5 and 13)

FSE 370: Electrical & Mechanical Systems Failure Analysis

Overview of design criteria for electrical and mechanical systems and components relative to fire safety via laboratory experiments, exemplar components and photographs that depict system and component failures that result in fire. Learning opportunities include engaging in destructive and non-destructive analysis of components and systems.

FSE 495: Fire, Arson & Explosion Case Preparation

Preparation of the fire, arson, and explosion case for trial, including preparation of demonstrative evidence, scene documentation for presentation, rules of evidence, case review and analysis and testimony. Prerequisite course: FSE 450

FSE 496: Fire Investigation Case Preparation

Preparation of the fire, explosion, and arson case for trial, including preparation of demonstrative evidence, scene documentation for presentation, and testimony. Prerequisite course: FSE 450

Lodging Information

There are two options for lodging: you can choose to stay in a residence hall room on campus or book a hotel room. The rates below are subject to change.

Residence Hall Information

EKU residence hall rooms will be made available to EKU Online students. Those who choose this option must follow campus housing rules, which means that family members and others are NOT allowed to stay the night. 

Clay Hall Dormitory will be $160 per week for a double room ($23 per day) and a private room will be $240 per week ($35 per day). Travelers must bring their own bedding (sheets, blankets, etc.)

Local Food Options

Next Steps:

Students who want to stay on campus should contact Christy Templeton at as soon as possible so that she can provide additional information. For more information regarding housing on campus, please contact Dave Scott at

Hotel Information

All options are within a 5 minute drive of campus.

McGregor Dormitory (on campus)
$25 per night for double
$37 per night to have a room as private

Hampton Inn
$103 per night + tax per night (EKU Friends and Family Rate)

Comfort Suites
$84 + tax per night

Best Western
(No sprinklers)
$89 + tax per night