EKU Online: The Blackboard Learning System

EKU uses The Blackboard Learning System, which provides a framework for instructors to organize course material and interact with students through discussion boards, chat rooms and online assignments. You will log in to this system to access your courses.

Some professors also produce mini-lectures on video and incorporate instructional videos in their course design. Others rely more on PowerPoint presentations, discussion boards and reading assignments. Most use a combination of strategies and techniques to ensure for a high level of interaction and instructor feedback.

Every course will be presented in Blackboard, which means you will always work within a standardized course layout and navigation system. This will allow you to devote your time to the coursework rather than the technology. Click here to take a virtual tour of Blackboard and explore the resources available.

You are encouraged to download the internet browser Firefox, which is available free online, for the best results when using Blackboard.

NOTE: With few exceptions, courses are available one week before the first day of classes. All courses are made available by the first day of class. While access to the course itself may not be available, students are encouraged to check Blackboard regularly prior to the first day of class in case there are any announcements. 

To Access Blackboard:
  1. Go to the Blackboad access site at www.learn.eku.edu and enter the username and password used for your student e-mail account. 
  2. When your courses are available, they will appear under the "My Courses" link at the top right of the screen and “My Organizations,” which is usually in the center of the screen. Once a course is live, you can select it and choose “Introduction” from the menu on the left. Here you will find an overview of the course and the professor's expectations as well as the major assignments.
  3. Once you have accessed your program in Blackboard, you should see two primary sections:

Orientation:  Be sure to visit this area to gain a better understanding of what your courses will look like once they become available. Familiarize yourself with the basic features of Blackboard, as well as how you may be using different features within different courses. You are not graded for your work in the orientation section. It is simply a tool to help you be more successful.


Student Portal: Please update your portal profile and share some information about yourself with your instructors and classmates. The portal is a place where you can connect with others in the program, regardless of whether or not you’re in the same courses for a particular term.


If you have trouble accessing Blackboard or the sections mentioned above, please contact your enrollment advisor.