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Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics Shortage

Research indicates that companies and organizations are in fact not equipped to secure data as the workforce sees a shortage in qualified cybersecurity professionals.


NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover: A Win for Computer Science

After traveling through space for over 200 days, the NASA Perseverance rover touched down on the surface of Mars on February 21, 2021. The NASA Perseverance rover will provide us with detailed images of never before seen areas of Mars. 


Jump-Start Your Career in the Gaming Industry with EKU’s Online Game Design Certificate

The video game industry is now larger than the film and music industry combined. According to the Entertainment Software Association, in 2019 the U.S. video game industry generated $90.3 billion in annual economic output.


EKU Computer Science Students Predict Crowdfunding Success

With more than 150,000 crowdfunded projects on Kickstarter, how can you predict if a project will be successful in fundraising?