Good Conflict Resolution Skills Can Make or Break You at Work

Conflict is a natural part of any work environment. The success of an organization isn’t measured by a lack of conflict, but rather its ability to manage it. By successfully blending the varying backgrounds, opinions and approaches of employees into a cohesive and collaborative work flow, organizations are able to minimize disruption and drive everyone forward.

A time consuming problem

Employers are increasingly aware of the damage mismanaged conflict can create in the work space. Poorly managed conflict can grind productivity to a halt, cause friction between employees, damage to working relationships, and low morale. Additionally, getting a fractured team back on track is far more time consuming — and more damaging to the bottom line — than quickly addressing and resolving issues before they become a serious problem.

A new focus on problem solving

Organizations recognize more than ever the benefits of hiring skilled communicators with the ability to defuse tense situations and resolve conflicts among co-workers in a respectful, professional manner.

A team that constantly needs an intermediary — like a manager or supervisor — to help them work through problems won’t be as successful as a team with the communication skills needed to navigate disagreements and find ways to overcome dynamic challenges.

With a new focus on problem solving, employers are placing a high premium on a job candidate’s ability to manage conflict and keep the work environment on track.

An opportunity to stand out

Communication is increasingly recognized as a critical function of any workplace. The skills communication professionals hone are tailor-made to fit the expanding needs across the industry spectrum. Additionally, the application of these skills isn’t lost on employers. By demonstrating an ability to successfully manage conflict and keep a team on track, communication professionals position themselves to take on increased responsibility, leadership opportunities and potential promotions.

Published on September 07, 2018