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What jobs can you do with a communication studies degree?

If you enjoy influencing, advocating, or informing others, a communication studies degree may be right for you. 


The value of communication professionals in bridging the generational workforce gap

In the next two years, millennials are expected to take the reins from Baby Boomers as the largest living adult population in the U.S. With past generations, this milestone was marked by one generation leaving the workforce and another filling the void. 


From Bachelor’s Degree in Communication to Law School

“I attribute my success to the EKU Communication Studies major and the faculty in the EKU Communication Department,” said EKU graduate Lacy Griffith Andrews. “My dreams have become bigger than I could ever imagine.”


What is communication studies and why should I study it?

Communication studies focuses on the theoretical, critical, and scientific study of how humans communicate with one another in various forms.


Good Conflict Resolution Skills Can Make or Break You at Work

Conflict is a natural part of any work environment. The success of an organization isn’t measured by a lack of conflict, but rather its ability to manage it.


EKU Launches Online Bachelor’s Degree Program in Communication Studies

Eastern Kentucky University is launching a 100% online bachelor’s degree program in communication studies in fall 2018. The program is ideal for those seeking entry-level positions as well as for individuals looking to advance in their field.