What can you do with an RMI degree?

The insurance industry offers talented individuals a number of diverse career opportunities. In a field that’s growing each year, there isn’t a better time to earn a bachelor’s of business administration with a concentration in risk management and insurance (RMI).

The RMI industry consists of a large number of experienced professionals who are quickly approaching retirement age. With only a small number of students currently graduating with a specialty concentration, this makes RMI graduates highly competitive in the job market.

An RMI degree provides graduates with a focused business degree. As an RMI student, you take all the classes you’d normally take for a general business degree — including finance, accounting, marketing and management — with the added advantage of specialty courses in risk management and insurance.

The insurance industry is well known for stability. Regardless of the state of the economy, individuals and businesses need insurance. So much so, that RMI students often accept full time positions prior to graduation.

By earning an RMI degree, you also greatly improve your job choices, as you will be eligible for risk management and insurance positions, as well as any position available to you as a general business student. 

Published on May 23, 2018