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Manvier Uppal lives in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada and is a student in Eastern Kentucky University’s online master of science in industrial organizational psychology program. After completing his undergraduate degree in psychology, Uppal decided he did not want to pursue the traditional psychology pathway. Industrial organizational (IO) psychology stood out as he began researching alternatives.

Researching IO programs, EKU’s online master’s degree stood out. “I learned about EKU’s online master’s program while researching about the field of IO psychology. I saw the degree mentioned on many different websites. Seeing that the degree is accredited helped make the decision to choose EKU even easier,” said Uppal.

Originally, Uppal had some concerns about how valid an online degree would be in comparison to other in-person degrees. However, once he learned that the degree itself and the program would be the same as EKU’s in-person program, he was quick to apply and start the program.

Supportive Online Environment

Uppal admits he was more nervous about starting a graduate-level program than he was about completing coursework online. However, those concerns were quickly addressed by the welcoming nature of EKU faculty and staff.

“I was very nervous beforehand because I thought the people and professors would be very serious and strict because it is a graduate program, but everyone has been the opposite. They have all been some of the nicest and most easy-going people I have ever met,” he said.

In addition, Uppal finds the EKU Online faculty to be accommodating and helpful. “They (the faculty) have always been available to provide answers to any questions I may have, or if I needed help in any other way, they have been there for me,” said Uppal.

Benefits of Online Learning

In addition to having the opportunity to complete his degree from an institution in the United States without having to move, Uppal enjoys the convenience and flexibility of completing his degree online.

“A benefit of completing a degree online is convenience. I also have time to continue working and volunteering,” he said. “I am able to complete all of my assignments from home instead of having to travel to a different area. This allows me to save more money and time as well.”

Plans for the Future

Uppal says that in addition to learning more about IO psychology in general, the online master’s program has helped him define his future career goals.

“This degree has helped me realize what career path I truly want to take going forward. I am currently working in general labor and obtaining this degree would help me get a job in recruiting or consulting, which are the two paths I am interested in,” he said.

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